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Upon reading the Elevator, I found it a well writen story of the suspence/occult genra, with its roots in the Second World War. It is a relatively short book with fast paced action and an unusual ending. I can thoroughly recommend it to the reader with an open mind.
                                                                                                           John Kenney.
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The Elevator intertwines two story lines to solve a mystery which links Nazi Germany and modern day Germany in a tale of murder, ambition and intrigue. A very enjoyable and well written novel; I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to while away an afternoon or two!!
                                                                                                             Eric Russell.
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David E. Burnell is a board member of the New Westminster Writers, and also a member of the British Columbia Writer's Federation as well as the Dogwood Life Writers Group
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 I finished Dads Christmas Stories last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Well thought out and presented and an all together delightful read.
Ed Sykes, Ontario
I've finished The Coven of the Unholy and found it enthralling and I agree with my husband that it would make a good film
Patricia Smith, Leicester, UK.
I enjoyed A Nightingale Sang and would say, "Romance, Period atmosphere, Technical knowledge and Intrigue are skilfully woven into an absorbing read.
Mary McCallum. UK.
I have read your short stories and really enjoyed them. I am now half way through A Nightingale Sang and I can't put it down. Keep on writing, David.
Doreen Allen UK.
A pleasure to read a book by a B.C. author. Enjoyed the suspense, and thought the build-up was excellent. A book you want to read quickly, for that reason! I'm a hardcore skeptic when it comes to psychics and such, but nevertheless thought it fit well with the tone and plot.
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