Dad's Christmas Stories
For a period of time I wrote a story to read to the family after supper on Christmas day. For our growing family, these stories became a family tradition. Most of these stories were written for Christmas, but they are not all about Christmas. Some have been set in a Christmas time frame, and yet others have nothing to do with the season at all.
     The stories vary in subject matter. Some are warm and cozy Christmas stories while one or two others deal with war and violence.
     It should be noted that the stories are primarily intended for adult reading, but many can be read by any member of the family and all were written for the pleasure and enjoyment of my family.
1. Christmas and Tom Hobbs.
2. A Matter of Honour.
3. The Christmas Gift.
4. A Flight of Fancy.
5. A Ride with a Stranger.
6. The Perfect Woman.
7. The Second Horseman.
8. The Survivors.
9. The Doctor's Legacy.
10. A Guest Appearance.
11. The Prodigy and the Pony.
12. The Death of Toby Hollis.
13. The Rivals.
14. Flight 562.
15. The Fickle Lady.
16. The Earl and the Camel.
17. A Family Gathering.
18. Genesis.
See Excerpt: The Rivals
See Excerpt: The Perfect Woman
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