Sara, a young woman making her way in London, is suborned into this movement. She is enticed by her evil employer, a member of a coven, who is fascinated by her young, almost childlike appearance. Only after her initiation and she has become a neophyte does she realize what she has got herself into.
Mark Frazer, when employed, designs aircraft parts. He is a fastidious man; he pays a great deal of attention to detail and he doesn't like loose ends. One night, driving home late, he has a dreadful accident that draws him into contact with the Satanists. He needs to know who they are and what they are doing. Eventually he finds out, and for this knowledge he pays a terrible price.
The Coven of the Unholy
           It is a time when the world is on the very edge of catastrophe, on the brink of economic collapse. Wars and oppression rage in many parts of the globe. Famine and disease are widespread. It is also a time of prophecy, the coming of an anti-christ, the end times, the second coming of Jesus. In-fact, a time like now.
           Out of this chaos a movement grows, a dark and evil movement. Mainly rich and powerful people, they worship money, power, lust and the pursuit of pleasure. And they have their god, the god of all the things they hold dear. Satan! They obey his one credo, 'The pinnacle of self', and they call themselves The New Aristocracy.
by David E. Burnell
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